Various Alternatives To False Ceiling​

False ceiling beyond anything else creates an ambience. They provide a decorative edge to classic spaces. Ornate mouldings, stunning cornices, soft recessed lighting and polished wood ceiling panels are just some of the time-honoured embellishments associated with false ceilings.

However, the real purpose is for concealing wires, soundproofing, fire safety, energy efficiency and to help in moisture and sag resistance. Earlier, false ceilings were usually made of gypsum boards, but these days, it is easy to have false ceilings that are not only functional but also decorative. The air cavity behind the false ceiling gives good sound insulation, which helps reducing echoes and external noise and to make the room quieter.

But then everyone is not a fan of false ceiling for various reasons and let’s keeps that discussion for later for now let’s see various alternatives to false ceiling.

  1. Dimpled ceiling slab
  2. Metal tiles
  3. Wooden overhangs
  4. Shiplap coffered ceiling
  5. Starry night sky
  6. Corrugated steel ceiling
  7. Repurposed skylight
  8. Mirror tiles
  9. Acoustic grass panels
  10. Randomised lighting

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