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Interior styling is about dressing a room so that it looks nice, feels fresh, beautiful but livable modern but not too trendy. The house is given a makeover without engaging in any structural renovation or alterations.
The job of an interior stylist is to make every angle of your home is picturesque. They are not just limited to styling a room or a full house but they also style places for photoshoots and special occasion shoots.

To achieve this we can arrange and source furniture, decor and other props to prepare finishes to create the most aesthetically pleasing arrangement possible. An interior design stylist can specialize in editorial, commercial, retail, or domestic projects, among others. Based on the client brief and their own expertise they make a space feel truly authentic and unique.

The interior stylist can also be an interior designer and vice versa but not necessary, as their job roles are different.
An Interior Design Stylist Can Help When:
1. A home is very near completion and fully or semi-furnished.
2. Guidance is all you need before making changes to your home.
3.A business needs product images that captivate the attention of its target market.
4. You need to consolidate your ideas before designing your home.

Like I said above not every interior designer is an interior stylist but if a designer is a stylist as well it is an icing on the cake and I am one of those who are both an interior designer as well and interior stylist.
I love styling houses.

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