Roller Coaster called COVID gave me these lessons

Life always brings surprises, and that’s the best part of it. It is itself the biggest adventure you can have. When covid hit the world in 2020…it felt like hell broke, but then gradually we all started to see the silver lines in the dark cloud. It was indeed a time to pause to reflect. This period of one and a half years has been a time full of learning and here are few things I learned and took advantage of from this pandemic.
Things I Learned.
Well, it’s not just me but most of us would agree that we learned many things during the pandemic and one that I will cherish forever is the family time we gained as we could never have got.
Here is my learning:
• Lesson 1: Family Matters and that’s what matters the most
• Lesson 2: Staying healthy and physically strong is the key
• Lesson 3: Self-Care Matters because you come first
• Lesson 4: Be Financially Prepared as you don’t know what the future holds for you
• Lesson 5: Age Is Just a Number staying happy and healthy is important
• Lesson 6: Getting Online for Good, get best out of technology
• Lesson 7: Working Anywhere, the world is evolving and so is the work culture
• Lesson 8: Restoring Trust

Would love to hear what has been your biggest learning from the pandemic..

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