How to transform a boring bedroom…

Let your bedroom echo all your sensibilities by transforming a dull bedroom in to altogether opulent and exquisite.  With elements like an accent wall, lights for different moods, chairs, and exquisite wardrobe designs create an air of aristocracy in your bedroom interiors. Here are a few interesting bedroom interior design hacks you will love to adopt for your own bedroom.

Accent wall – It not only looks good and sophisticated in this contemporary bedroom interior, but creates a coordinated soothing contrast to the color of the furniture. Use of dark color scheme makes a bedroom decor look more of a high end. For a brighter or light-filled room decorating ideas, use dark colors only on the feature walls, it makes the interior look chic and adds finesse.
Use of cushioned headboards makes your bedroom look luxurious and adds fun and playful vibe to it. The rich fabrics and colors add comfort while resting and wonderful when reading in leisure time. But most importantly, it adds that plush luxurious transformation that any bedroom deserves.

Soft colors and warm lights for each mood, creates an undeniable sensuality in this luxurious bedroom. Swap out your dull ceiling with something spectacular. Ceiling adorned with a chandelier and well coordinated wall and table lamps add panache to your interiors.  Well-polished and glossy wooden planks flooring whispers softness.
A classic off-white and brown bedroom provides a contemporary feel and inspirational ideas of a well-planned storage. Wall to wall glass wardrobe not only give an uplift to your existing boring wardrobes, but extends designer feel and an impactful appearance. Well carved-out window seating with a rich stone (fixture) adds the feel of timeless luxury and cozy nook for those chit-chats or reading.

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-Rimaa Bhushan
Chief Interior Designer

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