How do you describe an interior designer?

We tend to be very rational when fancying the things that add to the luxury in our lives. Be it the make and model of our car, or the apparels we put on, or the watch that keeps us on time. Every material we possess has some element that reflects our taste and temperament. It won’t be a wrong proposition if we expect the same with our abode. In recent times, when humans began to face a setback in the pandemic, it was our home that kept us secure and sound. The pandemic united many of us with every nook and corner of our home. It was during this time when we spent most of our time indoors.

Only a person with deep empathy and gratitude would take steps to magnify the beauty of their hearth. This is where an interior designer appears in the scene. Many homeowners are intimidated when faced with choosing an adept interior designer who would turn their home into an absolute art. 


Watch out for these qualities to make sure that sprucing up your home is in the right hands.



1. Compassionate towards your taste and preferences.

In the current trend, most interior designers emphasise selling their impressions on which they have an absolute interest. Look for an interior designer who makes efforts on their part to actively listen to your needs and ambitions you carry for your home decor. A perfect interior designer is the one who bestows you with a custom design template keeping in mind the underlying aspirations behind the project and brings to your light an unbiased opinion on the merits and the demerits of their offering that is in your best interest.

2. Interior designer with a persona.

None of us would agree on handing over our beloved possessions to clumsy hands. When it comes to our home, it is imperative to designate a qualified interior designer and veteran in his field. Besides seeking the basic qualifiers, look for prominent traits of professionalism like efficiency, ability to act orderly, a profound empathy towards your hard-earned resources and most importantly, be answerable when things are not going on the right track.

3. A detail centric artist.

There’s a saying, “The truth of the story lies in details.” The maxim even holds when it’s about being creative with our abode. An interior designer with a deep understanding of this art is most sought-after. Here are a few issues that would get a satisfying answer from an adept interior designer. The ability to offer absolute perfection, expertise to cater to the details and any methodological flaws associated with the design, ability to deliver a product that is a perfect blend of engineering and elegance are a few of the issues that would get answered with dexterity.

4. A one who conforms to high standards of morality.


It is a commonly faced issue where an interior designer comes up with an inflated price than what was secured initially when you last had a word with him. It is necessary to be aware of unethical practices like rigging commissions, consultants disguised as contractors with the promise of providing free design, or deluding you to bind in a lump sum contract that is full of traps, all thanks to the loopholes in the language of the law. There are a humongous amount of hidden costs and profits mated with inflated estimations, which will not only let go of your hard-earned money but also of your time and peace of mind.

So, there we go. Finding an interior designer who can work according to your requirements should be your first priority. Do not hesitate to reach out to multiple designers to understand their style and whether they can work well with your needs. Research well before booking an appointment and check out multiple portfolios so that you can choose the one who can take your house and make it a home.

-Rimaa Bhushan (Founder & Chief designer) Creatives By Rimaa

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