With the days turning shorter and colder, it is also the season of relishing more time at home and adorns it a bit with some new home decor. A huge decor trend for this winter 2020 is all about adding natural elements and materials like wood and green shades into home interiors. Just by making some small changes, you can give a new fresh mood to your place and it’s the perfect time for being a bit more creative. 

Get ahead of the home interiors game with the freshest seasonal fashions and start planning your next home decor with these chic trends in mind.


1. Earthy Hues


Earthy tones have been pretty popular this season, be it fashion trend or home decor. Beiges and brown arrive at the top in the list of the earthy shade palette. Also, earthy relates to natural colors such as grey, sky blue, and peach. It is an exemplary choice for winter home decor. Earthy tones carry gracious, relaxing, homey vibes. For instance, in a palette of greys, whites, and beiges or caramel, the beige blends well with greys and whites, giving some warmth to these two winter shades.

2. Stroke of warm spices



Shades of relishes such as paprika red, cinnamon brown and turmeric yellow could turn out to be a lively addition to your home decor. These colors stress on complementing neutral niches flawlessly. They won’t only alter your place but will bear some warm vibes too. And let’s admit it, a warm sensation is something we all explore in winters. Plus, adding spice-tinged decoration pieces is a classic idea for the upcoming fiestas. And if you are in the mood of bigger variations, changing wall colors into radiant cinnamon will be a perfect choice.

3. Pillows, Knits and faux fleece


Nothing can beat the chilly winter days than sprawling on your comfortable sofa with a cozy blanket on you girded with cushions. So, add numerous pillows of distinct colors and textures along with faux fleece and crocheted throws. You could also use this decoration for a swinging chair corner.

4. Bold Bricks


Significant bricked walls are a reminiscent decor trend that has been beholding a revival in this fall of 2020. Ceramic hues have been more popular and huge this season. If you are planning to do minimalist home decor, an accent wall of unearthed bricks is a highly suitable enhancement to your place. Furniture and textile color palette should also be of neutral or light.

Homes are our warm shelters on the long spun, chilly winter days. It’s the best time when you can transform your home to get yourself a cozy and warm ambience.

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