Ever dreamt of a house like the Kardashians, which elicits sophistication and beauty? Ever desired to build a home, with the warmth of comfort and spice of colour? We all have had these wishes at some point in our life. Though these feel impossible to execute, they can be fulfilled with some knowledge about home decor and flooring. You do not need to be an incarnation of Kelly Wearstler, but these following tips and tricks can work wonders.

There are a million things which go into building a house and then slowly a home. There is the architecture, plumbing, colours of the walls (which are decided after a long feud), furniture, and the list goes on. Today, we’ll talk about something underrated and a major addition in our home decor: the flooring. Flooring in simpler words is clothes for your bare floor, to make it stylish and aesthetically charming to the house. There are abundant flooring materials to choose from and it is essential to choose a different flooring for every room. You wouldn’t want to use expensive carpets in your kid’s room, where it will be soaked in all kinds of liquids, would you? 

Willliam Morris rightly said, “All rooms ought to look as if they were lived in, and to have so to say, a friendly welcome ready for the incomer.” Every room deserves a unique kind of flooring, which suits its functionality and adds to the room’s allure. Here are some flooring suggestions, which will give your room a new crazy look!

Living Room: Your living room, the most important place in your home.  The flooring of this space has to be perfect. The colour tone of this area should coordinate with the flooring in your foyer. For a living room, one must select flooring which screams elegance and longevity like, Italian marble is the best and the most opted flooring for living rooms. It blends into the colour tone of the house and gives it a chic look, perfect for hosting fancy soirèes. Other than Italian marble, you can choose vinyl, laminate, depending upon your lifestyle and the house’s theme to make it look more lavish.

Master Bedroom: A bedroom is a locus of tranquility, unwinding, and some secrets. Yet it is your den, and it has to look royal in some manner. Carpet is your amigo in this circumstance. They are plush yet the perfect, extravagant carpet will transform your room from mere four walls to royalty. 

Kids Room: Safety is a significant parameter for selecting appropriate flooring for the room of our little one’s. The kid’s room should have either carpet or wooden flooring. It ensures that kids do not get hurt while playing. Rubber and cork are also exceptional options for the flooring of kid’s rooms. 

Kitchen & Bathroom: Kitchen & Bathroom are the most visited locations in a house. The flooring of these areas has to be selected, keeping in mind the usage and aesthetic without question. Also, one has to keep in mind that the flooring is water-resistant so that it looks proper even with wear and tear. Five fantastic kitchen and bathroom flooring options are patterned luxury tile, Ceramic Tile floors, Porcelain tile Floors, Sheet Vinyl flooring, and Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring.

Balcony: Balconies bring a lot to the whole space of the house. It provides extra space to create something splendid out of it. Balconies should have patterned and designer tiles, which are anti-skid to prevent falling. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are often considered for the balcony. 

Rimaa Bhushan, Founder and ChiefDesigner at Creatives by Rimaa says, While creating a home, every corner matters, and every nook requires attention and contemplation. A better living begins at home. Every addition contributes something new to the whole look of the house. If it does not stand out, what’s the point, isn’t it? 

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