Bursting The Myth of Interior Designer Vs Interior Stylist

Interior styling is about dressing a room so that it looks nice, feels fresh, beautiful but livable modern but not too trendy.
An Interior Stylists typically styles the home interior for permanent as well occasions. However an interior designer is more in the craft and function of a space. They usually focus on functional spaces, technical aspects accessory items and current design trends or a particular design tool. Their primary job is to beautify spaces by either adding, editing or collating items.
I had a quick poll on my social media handle and many people think all interior designers are interior stylist as well. But that’s not true. An interior designer’s job is to executive new style and elements to your home how ever an interior stylist ensures that every angle of your home is picturesque. And only someone with great flair of style, aesthetics, fabrics, creativity can do it.

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